Get in touch with our Team

Moritz Spranger
Moritz SprangerSocial Media / Sponsor acquisition
Co-Founder, Passionate about programming
Simon Stadlinger
Simon StadlingerLead Orga
Co-Founder of Mr. Deliver, Thinking about the future of society.
Marc Rosenau
Marc RosenauSocial Media / Website
Design Thinker, Visionär, Keynote Speaker, Co-Founder, Autor, Geschichtensammler
Leo Wendt
Leo WendtLead Orga
Building tools to enable people achieve their dreams.
Linus Hagemann
Linus HagemannLocation Management & Sponsor acquisition
Activist (local and digital politics), thinking about the future of work an the best mate flavour.
Jakob Edding
Jakob EddingMentors, Jury, Advisor
Favorite part about HackHPI: Seeing how quickly people can come together to build something cool.
Hendrik Patzlaf
Hendrik PatzlafAdvisor
Passionate about greatness of products that can be built within a hackathon.
Jessica Ziegler
Jessica ZieglerFood & Drinks & Sponsor Acquisition
Software Engineer
Jasper Blum
Jasper BlumSocial Media Management & Hardware
Tech Enthusiast – excited to tackle the next challenge
Jonathan Schneider
Jonathan SchneiderCo-founder of HackHPI & Senior Adviser
Proud of this year’s orga team