What to expect at HackHPI 2016

Data is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly big it is. Thats why we are striving to develop new approaches to deal with that amount of information. One, perhaps the most notable, is machine learning. It doesn’t matter if you already wrote your own TensorFlow or have no real experience with machine learning besides flirting with Siri - we’d be happy to welcome you!

For 1337 minutes of hacking (around 22 hours) we will bring students from Berlin, Brandenburg and the rest of the world together in the HPI School of Design Thinking, located on our campus. By providing world class sponsors (including workshops and access to their data and APIs), a great location and plenty of club mate to fuel your brain we will create a space for creativity, inspiring ideas and a passion for trying out new things.

Interested? Come and share your dedication and skills with others, exchange knowledge and accomplish great things!


Saturday, 11th of June

11:00Opening Ceremony
12:00Lunch & Team Building ("Iss Kind Iss")
13:00Start Hacking
14:00Tech Talks & Workshops
22:00Sleeping area opens

Sunday, 12th of June

00:00Midnight Snacks
08:00Breakfast ("Iss Kind Iss")
11:17End of Hacking
12:00Lunch ("Iss Kind Iss")
13:00Final Presentations
16:00Awards & Closing ceremony
17:00The End

Keep in mind that we may have to adjust some of the times.

HPI School of 
Design Thinking

Universität Potsdam

August-Bebel-Str. 88
14482 Potsdam

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Frequently asked questions

What's so special about HackHPI?

There are very few machine learning hackathons striving to build useful applications with raw data, and we want to change that! For you it will be a chance to get in contact with our awesome sponsors and experiment with their data.

Can I be part of it?

Sure! As long as you are interested in data analytics or machine learning and 18 years or older we will be happy to welcome you! Any skill-level is welcome, hackathons should be a way to experience team-work and work on your own abilities.

Are there any costs for me?

Nope! HackHPI is a free event, with food and drinks provided by our sponsors.

What about teams?

You can hack with your peers or find a new team to work with. Teams should have a size of not more than 3-4.

How should I prepare?

Bring your laptop and charger, comfortable clothes and above all motivation to hack.

How can I apply?

Click here!

What is HackHPI / a Hackathon?

Over a 1337-minutes period (around 22 hours), students and others interested in machine learning and data analytics techniques come together on HPI’s campus to build innovative solutions, develop new ideas and have fun.

Is there a code of conduct?

Yes. We follow MLH’s code of conduct, which all attendees, sponsors, volunteers, and staff are required to agree to. We expect all of our attendees to be respectful and considerate of others.

What API should I use?

Feel free to use whatever you will feel most comfortable with. Our sponsors will be happy to help you with their api and datasets.

How can I get to the location?

Take S7 from Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) towards Potsdam and exit at Griebnitzsee.

What if I have unanswered questions?

Please drop us a line at [email protected] if you have any concerns. We’d love to help you out!

Can I sponsor this hackathon?

Of course you can! Please drop us a line at [email protected].



Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Müller

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Benjamin Wilson

Chief Scientist Officer @ lateral.io

Abhishek Thakur

Senior Data Scientist @ Searchmetrics

Dominik Moritz

Expert for Data Visualization, HPI-Alumni


Nico Böckhoff
Jonathan Schneider
Alexander Zenner
Nico Knoll
Niklas Riekenbrauck
Lukas Heilmann
Carl Gödecken
Daniel Theveßen
Wenzel Pünter







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